Ray Olan y su Nuevo Sason will release his long awaited Salsa project ” Return From The Future” this Summer It’s fresh, exciting and New Frontier Salsa Pop Rock Reggae.

Ray Olan is an innovator from the 70’s Salsa movement. Before Santana/ Willie Colon / Frankie Dante/ The Lebron Brothers/ Pete Rodriquez and those cats that where from Brooklyn / Bronx and Queens where thinking about doing cross over Rock Salsa and Reggaeton, Olan was on the field testing the waters with guitarist Steve Katz from Blood Sweat and Tears and Playing Rock Salsa.

Latin Rock in the early seventies was off the page and out of the box. Joe Cuba, Orquesta DJ and the Lebron Brothers where the experimenters of that era in this Hippie movement of the Salsa Times.

Currently Producer and Famed Al Dimeola Percussionist Gumbi Ortiz is co-producing Ray’s New Salsa Album, in a project developed by Olan/Ortiz.” Return from the Future” (Regreso del Futuro) is set to be this years sleeper/ Latin Grammy Award winner, so watch for it’s release Summer 2015.

The Single from this album called ” In The Park (Oigan Bien)” which means “Listen Well” is on digital release now. Olan Has been looking for a label as his project is complete and will only release the 10 song compilation on Vinyl.

Currently working on tour in Dallas Texas with Hector Mayoral and the Dallas Nuevo Sason Team.