In 95′ Delano was asked by a friend to DJ and help promote a new club night in Panama City at the legendary “Club Dreams”. He agreed and attendance grew from 300 to 1,500 in a matter of 2 months. 97′ brought about a drastic change for Delano, he moved to the US, Tampa, FL to be precise, and started networking with people which landed him a residence at the renowned “Masquerade” in Ybor City. Around this same time Delano began to DJ corporate events and functions.

In 04′ Delano made the move to San Diego, CA where he quickly began to rise through the ranks of the club circuit. A few years later Delano started to focus his attention on DJ’ing weddings. Not Just a DJ, but an event coordinator and Master of Ceremonies. Delano brings a unique ability to organize weddings and events. His diverse knowledge of music and his extensive MP3 collections are a product of over 19 years as a DJ and event planner. This, coupled with his velvety smooth voice, quick wit, and unique talent for weaving just the right tunes together, make him truly an artist in the wedding and entertainment industry.