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Let’s face it. Only a week after your wedding, your guests won’t remember the beautifully-crafted centerpieces, the designer of your dress or the limo you arrived in.

What will remain in your wedding guests’ minds will be (you guessed it right) the entertainment. They will clearly remember that your wedding was fun and they danced the night away to the rhythm of their favorite songs.

Perhaps that’s why future brides find it so frustrating to decide whether they want a wedding DJ or a wedding band for the reception. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered 8 of the most discussed questions and problems that could be found online regarding the DJ/live band debate so you can easily make the best decision:

1. Budget and extra costs

Just like anything wedding-related, your wedding music cost will vary. It depends on things like the wedding season (high or low), the day of the week (weekday or weekend), etc.

Unless you want Calvin Harris or David Guetta at your reception,  a wedding DJ will usually cost you less than a live band. Just by the numbers: a DJ plays “solo” while a wedding band consists of multiple musicians all looking to be paid for their time. You’ll likely also have to budget an extra place for them to relax, plus food and refreshments for every band member.

2. Mood and vibe

One huge thing to think about which might be better for your wedding is the atmosphere.

A live band can create a feel of sophistication and elegance to your wedding that no DJ can achieve. On the other hand, an experienced wedding DJ with a custom-tailored playlist can ensure that your guests are on the dance floor all night long.

 You should also have in mind that a live band takes breaks, which can be a bit of a party killer. DJs, however, can mix for longer or put on longer tracks to keep the music going all night long (or at least as long as you’ve paid them to).

3. Style

Your wedding music should be the invisible wrap of your overall wedding style and theme. If, for example, you have decided on a glamorous art deco wedding theme (ostrich feathers, champagne towers, glitter, and everything), then a live jazz band will be exactly what you need to get your guests on the dance floor.

If you are planning a boho chic wedding with the “I woke up like this” feel and an individual touch to every detail, then a customized playlist created by a solid DJ might be your better choice.

4. Venue requirements

Sometimes, choosing between a DJ or a live band has nothing to do with your personal preferences and/or wedding theme. Your chosen wedding venue may have specific requirements on the number of musicians or music equipment that you will have to comply with.

Other restrictions might have to do with power supply, noise limitations, etc. so it’s smart to get a list of your venue’s rules before setting your heart on a DJ or live band.

5. Repertoire

While a live band may be visually more impressive (with instruments, vocalists, musicians and everything), when it comes to repertoire and variety, nothing beats a DJ with a versatile playlist. Suiting every taste and playing your wedding guests song requests all night long is a surefire way to keep the party alive.

You might think a live band is limiting by sticking to a certain music genre/sound but they do have one big advantage – improvisation. Either way, if you’ve set your heart on a live band for your wedding, you are probably already in love with their sound and how they perform on stage!

6. Personality

When a band performs live on stage, they give your wedding guests an emotional show that nobody will forget. Musicians and vocalists involve everybody in the magic that is music, and even wedding guests who are not fans of dancing will still enjoy the show.

If your DJ (who usually plays the role of MC as well) has a cheesy personality you are not particularly keen on, this can really ruin the experience for everybody. But no worries, since a face-to-face meeting with your wedding DJ (or band) prior to the wedding can eliminate this risk altogether.

7. Sound

Live music (performed by wedding bands) is a great way to keep your wedding guests’ energy levels high as it tends to be played much louder than recorded tracks. But you should have in mind that it can sound too loud (especially if your venue is less spacious).

Recorded music, on the other hand, offers much more flexibility when it comes to volume levels. This means that, if you hire a wedding DJ, he will be able to adjust the sound levels as needed throughout the night.

8. Reliability

Imagine that you have ticked your live wedding band off the wedding planning to-do list months ago. A few days before the wedding, one of the musicians (let’s say, one of the violin players) gets the flu. Since it is almost impossible to find another violin player who is not only available on your wedding date but is also familiar with the parts of the rest of the band’s musicians, the band is very possibly forced to cancel.

On the other hand, if your DJ gets the flu a few days before the wedding, it’s much easier to find a replacement. As simple as reviewing your original DJ’s notes and having a short meeting, your night is covered once again!

We hope these tips have been helpful in deciding what kind of entertainment you should book for your wedding. It’s your special day, and we’re happy to do everything we can to make it an Exceptional Experience, Every Time!